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Dedicated Bookkeeping Services allows the business owner to take care of their business while contracting their bookkeeping to DBS. DBS records and categorizes your financial transactions to the correct account in order to prepare financial reports. DBS can send you monthly financial reports to showcase the financial performance of your business. With these reports, you are able to make better and smarter decisions for your business.

DBS offers virtual bookkeeping. Business owners will have a secured state of mind with working with a bookkeeping professional with a certification in Quickbooks Online, security for your financial records, and a adviser to talk to about your finances.

DBS is dedicated to balance your business with your life, your family, and your goals.

Here are some of the benefits of bookkeeping:

  1. Cash Management
  2. Information to make Smart Business Decisions (Reduces Risk)
  3. Financial records that are Compliant with tax laws
  4. Lower Costs (Saving money from hiring a full time bookkeeper)
  5. Saves Time for the owner (Owner can focus on another aspect of the business while DBS handles the financial records)

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